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What We Believe

The Bible

The Bible was written by men supernaturally inspired. It's perfect. It will endure forever. It's been preserved throughout the years. It's our final authority both personally and in the churches.

God The Father

There is only one living and true God. In the unity of the Godhead there are three persons. The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost. They are equal in every divine perfection executing the office of the great work of redemption.


Born of a virgin Mary. He never sinned. He was crucified on the cross in our place. The Just died for the unjust. He was buried in a borrowed tomb, and rose again on the third day! He's alive! He's coming back!

The Holy Ghost

Equal with the Father and the Son. Active in creation. He restrains evil until the Father's purpose is fulfilled. He convicts, seals, comforts, guides, teaches and helps believers.


Salvation comes by faith alone. We repent of our sins in humility and turn toward Christ by faith. Christ died for all mankind, not a select group of people. Anyone can come to Christ by faith and have all sins forgiven regardless of their past!

Eternal Security

Once you are truly saved, you're saved forever. We don't fall from grace when we sin, we fall into grace. We committed no works to receive salvation, we do no works that cancels our salvation. However, true believers live for Jesus forever!


Baptism is a command given to the church by our Lord Jesus. Baptism is the full submersion of the believer in water. It is a purely symbolic representation of our faith and trust in Jesus. Baptism is requires to take communion.


He is real. He is a created being. He fell from heaven drawing after him a third of the angels. He is the prince of the power of the air. He can do nothing without God's okay. He's on a leash. He is man's greatest tempter and accuser. He is destined for defeat at the 2nd coming of Christ.

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