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John 4:14

We believe that there is no hope for life eternal outside of Jesus. We know that Jesus is not only hope for eternity but the purpose we long for here on earth. This reality propels us to share the good news of Jesus with all we come in contact with!


Matthew 28: 19-20

Jesus commands us to be disciples and to make disciples. Our goal is not to simply attend church and serve one hour a week. Our goal is to make disciples that know, pray, and walk with Jesus daily. The only way we believe you can truly accomplish this is by living life with one another in the pursuit of Jesus.

City Skyline


Acts 17:6

We believe that when "God is glorified He will draw all men unto Himself". When we share the gospel and we live a life of discipleship we can,  through the Holy Spirit,  change our city, state, nation, and world for the glory of Jesus!

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